Founded   in   1990   as   a   division   of Al Yamamah   Steel   Industries   Company,      Yamamah   Space   Structures    has   established   its   name as the leading manufacturer of space frames in the Kingdom. Yamamah   space   frames   consist   of   nodes   and   tubes   interconnected   to   form   three   dimensional   structural   systems   that   afford a   myriad   of   advantages   to   the   other   types   of   construction.     Absolutely   no   limitations   exist   on   what   you   could   use   for;   from the most elegantly simple to the most structurally challenging system.                                                                             Read more

Highlighted Projects

On-Going Projects

Tuhami Sports Club
Umm Al Qura University
Madinah Gateway
Sunshades for Gates, Petrorabigh
Pedestrian Bridges, Ministry of Municipal & Rural Affairs

Completed Projects

Fadhili Gas Project - ISF, Saudi Aramco
Mina Stations, Mashaer Metro Station
Gatehouse Sunshades, Saudi Aramco
Sports Halls & Swimming Pools
Open Theater, Historical Village
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